The Top Questions Your Immigration Attorney Can Answer For You

It’s important to find an immigration lawyer in Houston that you can trust. A trusted attorney will guide you through the process, and help answer any questions that you might have along the way. For Garry Davis and Davis & Associates, our first priority is families, not files, which is why are dedicate ourselves to keeping families together throughout the U.S. immigration process. There are a few questions to ask your immigration attorney.

What is your plan for my case? One of the first questions your immigration attorney should be able to answer for you are their first steps once they are representing you. Your immigration attorney in Houston should have a plan of action for you, which can help you determine if they are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to immigration law.

What are my chances? While no lawyer will be able to truthfully tell you how your case will go, they may be able to give you some insight into your case, and what your chances are. This can be based on their past experiences, as well as the specific details of your case. You never want your lawyer to be overconfident, but it can help if everyone is on the same page with realistic expectations for your case.

Who else will be working on my case? This is an important question because it helps to know that there is a team in place that will be working for you. While it’s important to meet the main attorney on your case, there will likely be other involved, such as a research team or paralegals. This can be very helpful, as it means there are more eyes looking over your case. Try to meet the team is possible so you can have full confidence in those who will be working on your behalf.

What can I do to help my chances? While your immigration attorney is helping achieve a positive outcome, you should strive to be as much of a partner in the case as possible. If any documentation or information is needed from you, work hard to provide it as quickly as possible. This will ensure there are no delays in the process, and that your lawyer will be able to count on you for any information needed in the future.

What will the cost to me be? At Davis & Associates, we do everything possible to provide our clients with as affordable care as possible. You can get started with a free consultation, and then we take the case from there once we have more details. As always, our emphasis is solely on serving our clients as best as we possibly can.

Your immigration attorney should be your advocate throughout the immigration process. We understand what you are going through, as many of our staff members have gone through the process with their own families and friends. Contact us today to get started, and let us help you with your case.