The Importance Of A Green Card Attorney

The process of getting a Green Card in the United States can be anything but simple and worry-free. With an attorney on your side, you’re sure to find the process much easier to navigate. But is an attorney really necessary?

The U.S. Immigration system can be a complex and difficult system to find your way through. The immigration laws written are notoriously difficult to understand and there are many lawyers who solely specialize in immigration law.

You may think that your situation is a common one and that the process could not possibly be all that complicated. However, because the laws have been written to protect and benefit both the applicants and the United States, they can be very complicated and rarely is there a case that is straightforward and easily approvable. With simply one past visa overstay, criminal conviction, serious health problem or even a job loss, a person can be deemed “inadmissible”, thus requiring additional work to convince the authorities to approve the application. A well versed and specialized immigration attorney can help you work through these difficult situations.

In the rare circumstances that your situation is straightforward, that does not exclude your case from falling victim to lost or misplaced paperwork. The government may even ask you for documents that do not exist or that you do not believe you should have to provide. Specialized and knowledgeable attorneys hold special meetings just to discuss better and more efficient ways to contact someone within the immigration department when something like this goes wrong. Without an attorney to represent you, you may waste countless hours traveling to your local immigration office just to be told that your case is “pending”.

For those individuals who typically like to do things themselves, they may be whistling a different tune after a few hours of completing immigration forms. And, while hiring an attorney does not let you off the hook about knowing the process, it certainly can help make the process run more smoothly and relieve you of headaches along the way.

If hiring an attorney is absolutely out of your budget, you can find and use other resources such as articles and books. You will want to keep in mind, however, that the stakes are extremely high. Some mistakes on an immigration application can not only result in a denied application, but the applicant could become inadmissible for a period of several years.

When you or a loved one are needing to navigate the murky waters of a green card, be sure to hire an attorney that you can trust. At Davis & Associates, our attorneys in South Texas are extremely well-versed in immigration law and are ready to be your navigator. We make it easy to schedule a consultation right online and are eager to assist you. Don’t delay, contact us today!