Finding An Immigration Lawyer You Can Trust

For those already in the United States or intending to come, finding an immigration lawyer that is experienced and trustworthy is crucial. During this time when United States immigration policies are presently under evaluation, the need to obtain an immigration attorney, even at brief notice, may be important to your future.

Whether you require assistance to secure a visa, acquire long-term residency or change of status, or defend yourself or a family member in a deportation case, finding an immigration attorney you can rely on is a must.

What Qualities Should You Seek In Finding An Immigration Lawyer?

Qualities Of A Trustworthy Immigration Lawyer

Numerous uncertified people claim to secure the rights of foreign-born residents. Some of these individuals are neither licensed to practice law nor certified to act on behalf of people who require legal assistance or representation in a court of law. Finding an immigration lawyer to trust can be tricky, numerous professionals refer to themselves as Immigration Advisors, Counselors, Specialists, Notaries, or other titles that convey expertise. These people often act fraudulently, taking people’ money without providing any service.

Seek Evidence Of Their Credentials:

Accreditation by the State Bar Association: Begin your search by contacting the regional Bar Association for a list of qualified immigration lawyers. The Association keeps track of grievances, violations and disciplinary action a lawyer may have received. Many State Bar Associations, for example, can assist in locating the proper attorney in your area for your type of scenario.

Concentrates on immigration law: Many lawyers and firms practice in a broad series of legal categories. Research those attorneys who focus strictly on immigration due to the fact that they stay on top of immigration law concerns, operate exclusively within the immigration arena and might have worked with a lot of the immigration judges and enforcement officers in the past.

Has been recognized by statewide law organizations: Recognition by groups such as the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Immigration and Nationality Law are high-level recommendations that verify the credibility of the lawyer.

Has strong references: Check with people who have needed the services of an immigration lawyer and might recommend one. Confirm those with public information you can find. Also, seek out customer testimonials on the attorney’s website.

How Will You Know If The Immigration Lawyer Will Be Trustworthy?

While the credentials listed above are the essential requirements to acquire a qualified immigration lawyer, individual traits are equally crucial. Honesty and reliability can be determined by checking out the immigration lawyer’s site and by searching the internet for confirmation of their certifications.

Schedule A Free Consultation Today

If the immigration attorney meets the requirements as a genuine practicing lawyer, you need to identify if a free, first-time assessment is offered. The finest immigration law practices, like Davis & Associates of Houston, TX, find that a complimentary preliminary meeting benefits everyone. This conference is the chance for you to provide your specific story and the attorney can talk about possible ways to approach your case.

During and after the free first assessment, ask yourself whether the attorney shows:

  • Honesty: Is the attorney giving you straight answers? Do the details provided correspond with what you currently know? Is the attorney presenting you with a well-considered strategy with specific expenses detailed up front?
  • Compassion and Commitment: Does the lawyer seem to understand your case and demonstrate a genuine interest in exactly what you are stating? Is there some hint that the lawyer felt empathy when going over similar past cases? One firm, Davis & Associates in Houston, Texas, actively endorses their internal slogan that “Families, not Files” is the most vital element of their legal practice.
  • Professionalism: Does the immigration attorney demonstrate real professionalism without evading specific concerns? Is the lawyer open to give you references from previous cases? Is the attorney happy to share their credentials? Does the lawyer’s office show a sense of function and permanence?
  • Clear Communication Skills: Has the legal team utilized multilingual personnel who can help to clarify issues for you, if needed? Is the person looking straight into your eyes when passing on information? Will the lawyer supply regular updates if you decide to continue?

Contact Davis & Associates In Houston

With more than a decade of immigration law experience plus the endorsement of the Texas Bar Association and other legal companies, Davis & Associates focuses 100% of their efforts on addressing and solving immigration-related legal concerns. Multi-lingual and centrally situated in the Houston Metro area, Davis & Associates offers expert, sincere, and thoughtful legal support to their clients.

To set up a free, first time assessment, call Davis & Associates at (214) 999-1942. You may also schedule a consultation online.