What Impact Will The El Salvador Decision Have On Houston Immigrants?

The Trump administration decided in early January 2018 to end the special protections for Salvadorans under the Temporary Protected Status program.  Nearly 200,000 Salvadorans will need to leave the U.S. by September 9, 2019, or face deportation.  The Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program was created in 1990, and allows people from other countries who have been affected by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, war, and other extraordinary conditions, to legally come live and work in the U.S. In 2001, earthquakes ravaged El Salvador and the U.S. gave special protections to 190,000 Salvadorans, many of whom over the years have started families and businesses here in the U.S.   

Kirstjen Nielsen, the Homeland Security Secretary, determined that El Salvador’s conditions are once again back to the way they were before the earthquakes.  Homeland Security stated that the country has received substantial aid from around the world and it’s homes, schools and hospitals have been rebuilt. It also said the 18-month delay gives the Salvadorans time to put their affairs in order and the El Salvador government time to prepare for the return of its 190,000 citizens.  It also gives Congress time to develop legislative changes if it chooses to do so.  Salvadorans may try to apply for an adjustment of status, or lawful permanent resident status (green card).  Some Salvadoran immigrants may meet the qualifications, although the TPS alone does not provide a pathway to citizenship.  

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