What To Know About Immigration Bond Lawyers In Houston

If you or someone you know is detained by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), it is possible to obtain an immigration bond to allow the detainee to be released until the court hearings take place.  Being detained by the government is a very serious situation and your immigration bond lawyer in Houston can be paramount for getting the immigration bond granted by the court.  An immigration lawyer is essential to assist with immigrants, bond hearing proceedings, and deportation defense.


It can be scary when someone is detained by ICE.  People are detained for many reasons, some of which include:

  • If you’ve been caught entering the U.S. illegally
  • If you’ve committed a crime
  • If you’ve overstayed a non-immigrant visa

Immigration Bonds

An immigration bond is a money that is paid to the government to ensure that the detainee will comply with court orders and attend all required court hearings.  If the detainee does not attend all court hearings, the bond will be forfeited and the detainee is subject to deportation.  If all court hearings are attended, then the bond money is returned to the person who paid the bond.  The government sets the bond amount high to ensure that the detainee will show up to all hearings.  Once the bond has been granted and paid, the detainee will be released.  In some instances, the government will refuse to grant an immigration bond, and mandatory detention is required.     

Immigration Bond Process

In order to request an immigration bond, a motion has to be filed with the court.  When a judge is considering granting an immigration bond, it will look at several factors:

  • Any danger or threat the detainee is to the community
  • Employment history
  • Family and community ties in the U.S.
  • Detainee’s compliance with court orders
  • Likelihood of success in an immigration proceeding
  • Whether the detainee is considered a flight risk, meaning that the detainee would try to disappear and not follow through with the bond requirements    =

An immigration bond attorney can assist with the bond hearing by presenting compelling evidence that shows the detainee should be released on bond.  Davis & Associates is your immigration bond attorneys in Houston.  Please call today so we can handle all of your immigration bond needs.