Tips From A Deportation Attorney On Avoiding Deportation

In recent months, plenty of political commentaries has focused on the topic of deportation of undocumented and even legal green card-bearing immigrants. In some states, like Texas, the top levels of government are moving forward with aggressive legislation to allow authorities to identify, locate, and detain individuals who may not have proper authorization.

So-called “sanctuary cities” that have been safe havens for undocumented immigrants are being threatened with reduced federal and state funding if they continue to release people that the immigration authorities want to be detained.

Deportation seems to be the best solution in the minds of many state and federal officials and legislators. This solution is most likely aimed at individuals who have committed crimes.

Stay Clean and See a Deportation Attorney

Therefore, the first and most important way to avoid deportation is to stay out of trouble.

Secondly, you should seek the expert advice of an experienced deportation attorney who may have strategies that can keep your family together and avoid deportation. In Dallas, one immigration law firm, Davis & Associates is committed to protecting the rights of non-citizens with sincere compassion for keeping families together.

Legal Strategies That May Avoid Deportation

Here are some strategies that may be used to avoid deportation:

  1. Political Asylum: In some cases, individuals have been able to prove that returning to their native land can be dangerous due to their religious, racial, political, or social background. In recent years, the number of political asylums granted has risen sharply.
  2. Waivers of Removal: This method requires presenting the case that your good deeds far outweigh any crimes that you may have been committed.
  3. Adjustment of Status: If you are married to a U.S. citizen or green card holder, you may apply for permanent residency. If you entered the U.S. without proper documentation, you should return to your home country to apply for residency legally.
  4. Humanitarian Reasons or Prosecutorial Discretion: In this situation, a case is made for the hardship that deportation of an individual may impose on the family or other dependents. Often, the undocumented immigrant is the primary source of income for the household.
  5. Cancellation of Removal: A judge may determine that an undocumented resident who has been in the country for more than ten years has contributed positively by working hard, supporting a family, and staying out of legal trouble. Based on positive facts, the judge may decide that the person is worthy of a green card and permanent residency.
  6. U Visa: In this case, an individual or family may have been victims of crimes and have cooperated with law enforcement to locate the perpetrators. As a reward, these persons may avoid deportation and eventually receive green cards
  7. I-601 Waivers: An individual may avoid deportation after having been in the country for at least seven years, is drug-free, and is caring for someone who is solely dependent.
  8. Voluntary Departure: While leaving still constitutes a departure from the United States, departing voluntarily does not leave the stigma of being forced by a deportation ruling. Leaving in this manner will not be seen as a negative should the person wish to return.

Contact a Proven and Qualified Deportation Attorney

Before you and your family face the possibility of deportation, consult with an experienced deportation attorney regarding your situation. Many who felt safe in their environment in the past may feel challenged today under current conditions.

Two primary reasons for consulting a qualified deportation attorney:

  1. Discuss Your Options: A consultation with a qualified immigration deportation attorney may uncover a strategy that can change the potential for expulsion. If you have stayed out of trouble, worked hard, and have been in the country for several of years, your case should be strong. A deportation attorney may be able to pursue a change of status that can protect you even further.
  2. Someone to Call in an Emergency: If you are challenged by law enforcement, an immigration attorney who is familiar with your situation is essential. Protecting you and your rights as a resident should be their primary mission.

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